1 Oct, 2018 Interconnection

MDC Laredo ends the quarter with important news

Laredo is MDC’s second neutral data center on the southern border of the United States. This year, after critical strategic alliances, it has cemented its value proposition, both for the international market and for the Mexican market, focused on high availability services, neutral interconnection ecosystems, and international fiber crossings. We have written some critical news […]

1 Oct, 2018 Interconnection

What is a CDN and why are they so important?

As the name implies, a Content Delivery Network is a content distribution network, and its work to improve the speed of delivery of web content, however, in recent years, the CDN has grown their responsibilities. Companies expect that the CDN, in addition to improving delivery speed, optimize the routing of traffic through various networks (ISP, […]

1 Oct, 2018 Interconnection

The most important FAQs about peering in Mexico

Peering is an unclear term in some sectors of the industry; it can get confused and consequently minimize or distort its advantages. We have listed some of the most critical FAQs of the operators when considering doing peering in Mexico. What is peering? Peering is the activity that occurs when two or more networks agree […]

13 Sep, 2018 Colocation

The evolution of neutrality, the highway to a new generation of data centers

You have probably heard the term ‘neutrality’ more than once or twice. The growth of Internet users worldwide and the need for  hyperconnectivity are demanding for genuinely neutral data centers that become strategic partners and not competitors with unfair conditions that drive up costs. According to the most know definition of carrier neutrality in the […]

13 Sep, 2018 Press Releases

El Paso, MDC’s new neutral data center is ready to start operations

McAllen, TX, September 10, 2018 – MDC, the leading carrier-neutral colocation provider on the US border, announced today that its new data center in El Paso, Texas is ready to begin operations. MDC’s new data center will offer redundant access to the company’s fiber-crossing solutions that connect El Paso with the city of Juarez in […]

20 Aug, 2018 Mexican Market

The bases of a data center customer centric

Data centers tend to be thought of as that first physical layer of technology: cabinets, fiber, crosses, air conditioning, racks, cables. When we hear about customer experience we come to mind layers above; however, data centers are part of the entire customer experience and must act accordingly. According to Harvard Business Review, customer-centric is the […]

20 Aug, 2018 Mexican Market

Four trends that will increase broadband consumption

Over the past five years, we have heard about the technologies that promise to capture most of the Internet traffic, and we all ask ourselves the same question. Will we be ready for when these trends take off? We created a small list of trends complemented with some facts and figures from the region. 1. […]

20 Aug, 2018 Colocation

Benefits of neutrality for the transformations of 2020

The strength of the collaborative economy, autonomous cars, Internet of things, blockchain, M2M processes, as well as augmented reality and mixed reality will take force in the coming years, and it is expected that the data will increase interesting. Every day we read about strategic partnerships, telecommunications companies acquiring emerging companies Over-The-Top (OTT) and in […]

31 Jul, 2018 Mexican Market

Three benefits of peering at an IXP and how to start

First, let’s review a formal definition, peering is a business relationship between two – or more – networks for the direct exchange of IP traffic. This exchange can occur privately with a PNI or public through an IXP (Internet Exchange Point). An Internet exchange point (IXP) is a physical location through which Internet infrastructure companies […]


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