Executive Assistant to the CEO

Native Genius:

Supportive Organiser


Support CEO to be laser focused on company priorities and help keep staff accountable.


Keep CEO focused on his declared priority initiative

Help keep staff “Accountable”

Vigilant of CEO follow through and strong finish

Help build/keep relationships with customers and employees


  • Key contacts visited during the year: 
  • Thank you notes delivered to key contacts:
  • Net Promoter Score rating from customers


  • Personal Development Meetings held
  • Gallup Poll rating of employees 

Optimize travel experience

  • Ratio of how many (Tripadvisor rated) 5 star hotels booked
  • Ratio of first class seats booked

Organize Events (Employee and Customers

Gather Feedback from customers and employees

Help research/co-write articles for blog post

Technical Skills:
Google Apps
Apple experience
Beautiful writing skills

Cultural fit:
Obliging, happy to help
Aesthetically Aware

Bachelors in Literature or Liberal Arts