29 May, 2019 Colocation

#MDCBrief May: Four highlights from the MDC ecosystem

Telxius enhances its security service with Radware Telxius, Telefónica Group’s infrastructure company, announced that it will use Radware’s cybersecurity and application delivery solutions to ensure the protection of its international network from increasingly complex cyber attacks and provide DDoS mitigation services to its customers to help them mitigate attacks in seconds – compared to hours […]

30 Apr, 2019 Colocation

El Paso: A Growing Telecom Market

For international operators that want to expand their services into Mexico, El Paso is a crucial interconnection hub  – comparable to McAllen, Tx – due to the high concentration of Mexican ISPs located within the city. These networks have their own infrastructure and POPs to purchase transit and transport services from Tier-1 carriers. Until recently, […]

29 Apr, 2019 Colocation

Cloud Wars: Microsoft & Amazon go head-to-head

U.S. government IT spending reached a record $64.7 billion in 2018, a 9.5 percent increase from 2017 spending levels, according to Bloomberg Government analysis.  If that trend continues, the federal government is expected to spend more than $93 billion by 2020. “Based on historical spending trends, we’re looking at between $93 and $94 billion in […]

27 Feb, 2019 Colocation

How are networks in Mexico getting ready for the growth of OTT services?

A report by Juniper Research states that the number of subscribers for services such as Netflix and Amazon Prime Instant Video will increase from 92.1 million in 2014 to 333.2 million global subscriptions by 2019. Also, by 2021, it is expected that Content Delivery Networks (CDN) will transport 71 % of all Internet traffic, compared […]

30 Jan, 2019 Mexican Market

The five major headlines for MDC in 2018

2018 was a pivotal year for MDC, we acquired and started operations in our new data center in El Paso, strengthened the strategy to bring networks and content providers together through the MEX-IX, and celebrated the growth and our commitment with our customers in our first MDC Connect. Here is a brief retrospective of a […]

1 Oct, 2018 Colocation

#MDCBrief September: Four highlights of our ecosystem

Our ecosystem is getting bigger and more diverse. Without a doubt, the companies that are part of our carrier list are setting the tone in the market on the issues that will be debated in the coming years. We are in the final stretch of 2018 and have made a compilation that summarizes the most […]

13 Sep, 2018 Colocation

The evolution of neutrality, the highway to a new generation of data centers

You have probably heard the term ‘neutrality’ more than once or twice. The growth of Internet users worldwide and the need for  hyperconnectivity are demanding for genuinely neutral data centers that become strategic partners and not competitors with unfair conditions that drive up costs. According to the most know definition of carrier neutrality in the […]

20 Aug, 2018 Mexican Market

The bases of a data center customer centric

Data centers tend to be thought of as that first physical layer of technology: cabinets, fiber, crosses, air conditioning, racks, cables. When we hear about customer experience we come to mind layers above; however, data centers are part of the entire customer experience and must act accordingly. According to Harvard Business Review, customer-centric is the […]

20 Aug, 2018 Colocation

Four benefits of carrier neutrality

The full strength of the collaborative economy, autonomous cars, the Internet of things, blockchain, M2M processes, augmented reality and mixed reality will kick in full gear in the coming years and with it a rise in demand for higher bandwidth with more and more data needing to be processed. Every day we read about strategic partnerships […]


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