MDC is a data center provider with locations along the US-Mexico border.  We provide a neutral space where network operators can connect to exchange internet traffic. Our Why is to “create connections that empower people to thrive.”  This means that our purpose in life is to connect networks, countries, and people.  To accomplish this, we need to identify people who align with this vision, hire them and keep them continuously engaged.

As People Ops Manager, you would drive strategy and operations in the People Ops Team.  You would be responsible for setting goals and policies that would have a company-wide impact.  

You would contribute to defining an employee-centric mindset for the People Ops Team, ensuring that the employee (we call ourselves MDCers) perspective is reflected in all People Ops initiatives. You would lead the discovery of new areas and approaches to drive an excellent MDCer experience, including development and engagement.

Three reasons you would not want to work at MDC to save us both time and effort. If, after reading these, you are still interested, then please continue. Otherwise, have a great day!

  1. If you do not like change
  2. If you are not comfortable with software tools
  3. If you do not like feedback

What you would be doing

  • Curating the culture at MDC
  • Connecting individual MDCer performance with company goals
  • Mapping MDCers’ journey and lifecycle
  • Ensuring that all MDCers receive recognition and feedback
  • Promoting continuous engagement
  • Guide MDCer career paths and development

Hard skills requirements

  • A degree in Industrial-Organizational (I/O) psychology 
  • Or equivalent such as a Ph.D. or MS in a field emphasizing people research in organizations (e.g., Organizational Behavior, Labor Economics, Management, Social Psychology, etc.).
  • Experience in Human Resources
  • Very comfortable with software tools such as Asana, Slack, Google Workspaces (formerly Gsuite)
  • Bilingual is a huge plus (English and Spanish)

Competencies we are looking for

  • Decision Making.
    Ability to use quantitive data to drive decision-making.
  • Prioritization.
    Effectively manages priorities for multiple teams and initiatives based on the company goals.
  • Project Management.
    Proficient at leading, managing, and executing multiple People initiatives.
  • Setting Metrics and Expectations.
    Able to define and set success metrics for the People Team and seamlessly align them with the long-term company’s goals.
  • Communication & Collaboration.
    Communicates with clarity and confidence; ensures that teams across initiatives understand the context of their work and how it interacts with larger team goals.
  • Leadership.
    You need to form a shared vision for your team and lead the implementation of that vision. 

How would you know if you were doing a good job?

We use the Lattice platform to track engagement. This platform allows us to use quantitive data to make better decisions as it relates to MDCer engagement. Once a year, we also use the Gallup Q12 survey to gather information on how the team is feeling.

  • Keep MDCer engagement > 85% 
  • Fairness indicator > 80%
  • Gallup Q12 poll results > 4.31

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