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We are a Telecommunications company, leader in the deployment of the necessary infrastructure to allow a connected world. Our portfolio in Mexico includes solutions to enable passive connectivity services (dark fiber), Illuminated solutions (EPL, Wavelength, Internet), and co-location solutions (Telco Room, Edge Data Center, and exteriors such as Colohut), for the Wholesale market, with the highest level of service.

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  • Dedicated Internet

    Dedicated and symmetric Internet access connectivity service, guaranteeing the highest performance, without oversubscription, with capacities from 2 Mbps to multiples of 100 Gbps, Diversity of Peerings with national and international providers, another advantage of our service is the protection of malicious traffic against DDoS attacks provided through Clean Pipe.

  • Carrier Ethernet

    LAN to LAN Connectivity Service Ethernet (Ethernet Private Line) is a data transmission service based on dedicated point-to-point links, and local, national, and International multipoint points, allowing high and secure transfer speeds with attributes such as: Symmetric, Private, High Capacity, Low latency, Design based on metropolitan rings, guaranteeing redundancy, From 2 Mbps to multiples of 100 Gbps of bandwidth.

  • NNI Extended

    Our solution allows our customers to have 2 simultaneous interconnection points in the delivery of service to their end customers, using a high availability network to transport critical applications, being efficient and transparent, having the following characteristics: Carrier Class Infrastructure, It has 2 active circuits that converge in the same equipment on the user side, Administration of the circuits (VLANs) according to needs, Connectivity towards 2 interconnection borders defined with the client and The borders can be in the United States or in Mexico.

  • MPLS

    Our MPLS service allows us to have an efficient mechanism to transport data privately. Being orchestrated within the IP network of American Tower, which combines the flexibility of point-to-point and point-multipoint communications. The MPLS service transports voice, data, video, and telepresence in a common platform with quality of service (QoS) guarantee, which consists of classifying and differentiating traffic to give a special treatment to each class. We contemplate the creation of Private Virtual Networks, "VPNs" that are built within our backbone. Counting with the following attributes: Differentiation, Classification, Prioritization, Optimization of contracted bandwidth, Cost reduction by having greater network efficiency, Ensuring the continuity of critical applications, Traffic switching in case of link drop or network congestion and the delivery of on-site routing equipment

  • Wavelength

    It is a dedicated connection of high capacity and that is transparent to the type of traffic that is transmitted, it is delivered through our fiber-optic network. Based on WDM Wave Division Multiplexing technology, the transport is done through Lambdas (λ) with differentiated colors (different wavelengths of light), which guarantee the security of our clients' information, being a transparent connectivity and scalable, with a dedicated high-bandwidth connection, which provides high-capacity data services, delivered through fiber-optic lines, with the following attributes: - Security: Protection for sensitive and/or confidential data through private point-to-point connections. - Scalability: Network growth from 1 Gbps to 100 Gbps; - High Capacity: Designed to transport large volumes of information at speeds of 1, 10, and 100 Gbps. - Low Latency: Efficient connections and processing at high speeds, low latency with dedicated access, and low jitter. - Monitoring: Network monitored and managed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with the network control center (NOC). - Transparency: Totally transparent without the need for intervention or treatment for transport.

  • Dark Fiber

    They are pairs of unlit, non-active Fiber Optic threads, the user is the one who applies the most appropriate transmission technology to enable their connectivity services with high Bandwidth capacities. - Deployment in the main metropolitan areas. - Negotiable demarcation point. - Allows the user to grow services and applications On-Premise. - Neutrality of the Fiber segments. - The user takes advantage of the benefits of Fiber Optic (less attenuation, without interference & support of high capacities).

  • Edge

    - Designed for mission-critical applications - TIER III certification - Dedicated Cabinets (45 RU) - Total monitoring of the infrastructure guaranteeing high levels of service - Additional facilities (work area, equipment supply area, and temporary warehouse). - Neutral point to connect to multiple service providers - We guarantee availability levels with a fully redundant solution - Access Control Systems - High definition video surveillance system with information protection for up to 30 days

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EDGE Data Center American Tower

It describes the communication convergence where connectivity solutions and data combinations in neutral and secure environments will solve the low latency and processing requirements that mission critical applications require.ATC presents the infrastructure at a global level to solve the coverage and communication needs that customers demand, in the case of Mexico it has an infrastructure portfolio called EDGE Data Center.

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