Mexican Carriers

Integrated Telecom Services

Maxcom provides integrated telecom services to enterprises, carriers, and government agencies that rely on its long-haul and metropolitan infrastructure.

Maxcom manages all aspects of the service offered to its customers, including installation, provision of services, network monitoring and administration, proactive management of service disruptions and billing reports. Maxcom also has the ISO 20000-1 certification.

Since the company controls its network infrastructure and does not depend on other domestic operators for local rings, Maxcom controls the speed of service delivery and guarantees the quality of your service.

  • Wavelength

    High-reliability transport services for enterprises and carriers in Mexico

  • Ethernet

    Point-to-point Ethernet service for customers within the same metro area.

  • IP Services

    High-speed connectivity to the Internet backbone

Maxcom Connectivity

Maxcom provides wavelength, ethernet, and IP services to enterprises, carriers, and government agencies on a reliable fiber infrastructure.

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