31 Jul, 2018 Mexican Market

What the innovation at Facebook and Google entails to network operators

Like every year Facebook and Google held their annual conferences for developers where both announced significant releases that could translate into increasing demand for network resources. During I/O 2018, the annual conference of Google developers, the integration of Google Maps with Street View was announced to provide better recommendations to users through an augmented reality […]

29 Mar, 2018 Mexican Market

What’s the smart way to do peering with Mexico networks

As an international network operator, it is natural to think that to do peering with Mexican networks you should go straight into Mexico City or Querétaro and establish a presence there. However, there is more than meets the eye to fulfill the needs of Mexico networks and benefit from peering arrangements.

30 Aug, 2017 Mexican Market

Mexican Supreme Court turns telecom reform on its head

On Wednesday, August 16 the Mexican Supreme Court voted unanimously to rule unconstitutional the Zero Interconnection Rate, a bedrock provision of the Mexican Telecom Reform act of 2014. The Supreme Court essentially said it is not empowered to set interconnection rates, and put the onus on the regulator, the Instituto Federal de Telecomunicaciones (IFT), to establish interconnection rates.


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