McAllen, TX, March 26th, 2019 – MDC Data Centers, a leading provider of carrier-neutral colocation services on the US border with Mexico, welcomed its new Account Director of International Networks, Christian Ayala.

A telecom industry expert with over 20 years of experience, Christian Ayala brings to MDC his technical knowledge and extensive experience in relationships with international operators and the telecom market in the United States, Latin America, and the Caribbean.

In the past, Ayala has worked for industry leaders like NTT, CenturyLink, and Tata Communications. His broad knowledge and experience will help MDC Data Centers to provide its clients with precise proposals for telecom projects between Mexico and the United States.

“Christian understands that North American and International carriers are trying to do more business with Mexican networks. Having been in that same position himself over the past decade, affords him a unique perspective. I know he will translate that insight into helping his clients grow their business.”Juan Salazar, CEO of MDC Data Centers

MDC Data Centers has successfully established a strategic point of interconnection for networks and content providers along the Texas-Mexico border, and today it is home to the world’s largest concentration of Mexican operators in its carrier-neutral colocation facilities in McAllen, Laredo, and El Paso. Ayala’s widespread technical knowledge of telecom products and services like Data, IP, Ethernet, Colocation, IXP,  and CDNs will further help the development of innovative solutions and the positioning of new products and services.

“Having worked in the Mexican, LATAM, and North American markets I strongly believe I can effectively interpret the needs of international operations with respect to the requirements of MDC’s customers in Mexico. I am happy to accept this challenge with the goal to position MDC’s services and ecosystem with a consultant-like approach.”  – Christian Ayala, Account Director of International Networks

About MDC Data Centers

MDC, formerly McAllen Data Center, helps network operators, content providers, and enterprises interconnect with major Network Service Providers on the US border with Mexico. The company is considered one of the fastest-growing data centers in South Texas, presenting a unique offer of reliable colocation services with a fiber crossing infrastructure to bring networks across the border. Due to its geographic proximity to Mexico, MDC serves this emerging market allowing American and International carriers to connect to the largest concentration of Mexican networks in carrier-neutral facilities. For more information visit, and follow MDC Data Centers on LinkedIn and Twitter at @mdcdatacenters.