Accelerate your growth on the border with our new Katalyst Program

Actively Neutral Katalyst Program

A new way to boost your goals and expand your opportunities A new way to boost your goals and expand your opportunities

Plan your growth

Join efforts to craft a growth plan tailored to your business needs and annual objectives.

Speed up results

Accelerate your goals at the border with joint marketing, sales, and product initiatives.

Obtain market insights

Leverage our most important market and industry insights to help you make educated decisions.

Invest time, not money

Achieve a great return on your time by taking part as many times as possible at no cost.

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A team working for you

We believe that collaboration is key for creating connections that empower people and move the industry forward.

Four stages, one goal: Accelerate your growth Four stages, one goal: Accelerate your growth

The Katalyst Program creates a space where marketing, sales, and product teams merge to craft actionable goals, bring market insights, and collaborate on a tailored growth plan designed with your business in mind.

Phase 1

The introduction phase ensures that we learn to work together as one team moving forward. We review the goals and benefits of the program in a virtual or in-person meeting.

Phase 2
Context and discovery

Together with you, we define a business objective that is measurable and attainable during the program. This phase includes tools and resources that provide visibility and help guide the journey.

Phase 3
Solutions and actions

We take our resources and market insights to craft a tailored plan that supports your business goals with MDC. This growth plan includes tactics, metrics, and product activations to help you succeed.

Phase 4
Closing and results

Here a presentation with leads, deals created, Marketplace requests, and other meaningful metrics is shared with you to showcase the progress we achieved together during the program.

Frequent questions Frequent questions

What are the requirements to start the program?

The Katalyst Program is a benefit designed for clients looking to boost their growth with us. The only requirement is the time invested in reaching your goals.

What is the price to participate in the program?

Participating in the Katalyst Program is free, as well as the accompaniment of our Sales, Marketing and Product teams.

Any technical requirements for colocation and interconnection services as a result of Katalyst Program initiatives will be subject to MDC's prices, terms and conditions.

How long does the entire program take?

The program lasts for approximately three months. These times are subject to the availability of our clients or the number of requirements that may arise once the solutions and paths to be taken have been presented.

In what situations could you use the Katalyst Program?

  • Get to know the key players in the market.

  • Identify growth opportunities on the border.

  • Leverage new opportunities and objectives with our ecosystem.

  • Promote services through our Digital Products or Marketing services.


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