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Experience complete network neutrality in El Paso

Connect your network to the largest metro area on the US border with Mexico located across Ciudad Juarez, a Mexican city with a population over 2.7 million. With MDC EL Paso, go beyond the border with our international fiber crossings.

Carrier Neutrality

We are the first 100% carrier-neutral data center in El Paso. You are free to choose the most convenient providers for your solution. We don't get in the middle.

Purpose-built Data Center

Because we understand how important it is to you; MDC El Paso has a redundant infrastructure, reliable and secure so that you can focus on your business. No worries.

International Fiber Crossing

With our fiber crossing infrastructures, you get the benefits of unlimited bandwidth dedicated to your business and the support of MDC's end-to-end solutions into Mexico.

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Connect Smarter with Tower Colocation

Choose MDC for strategic tower space that enhances wireless connectivity and network performance. Benefit from low-latency access to content providers via MEX-IX, all from a secure, integrated data center with a diverse ecosystem of Tier-1 networks.

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11455 CEDAR OAK DR. EL PASO, TX 79936.

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