Connecting Mexico and
the US with Fiber Crossings

Unlimited bandwidth, maximum control, and network redundancy across the US-Mexico border.

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International Fiber Crossing

Get even closer to your target market Get even closer to your target market

Our International Fiber Crossings in McAllen, Laredo and El Paso provide a neutral dark fiber solution to connect Mexico with our data centers on the border.

Redundant Routes

For your peace of mind, the routes are independent of existing fibers across the US-Mexico border and provide full redundancy with a second crossing path in every market.

Hassle Free

Our fiber crossings save you the time and effort of dealing with complex regulations to build your own fiber across the border. We provide the full colocation and crossing solution.

Cost Effective

You have the flexibility to choose between CAPEX and OPEX with options for a traditional IRU model and a lease option. We minimize your risks and costs in every way we can.

Dark Fiber and Colo
in one provider

We make it easier for you by offering a full colocation bundle including International Crossing, Always-on Colocation Services and unparalleled Customer Support, all in just one provider.

Flexible deal with competitive pricing Flexible deal with competitive pricing

Our Dark Fiber IRU Service allows carriers to purchase an IRU for a period of 10 years with renewal option. Network operators can choose between an one-time payment or a simple monthly recurring charge.

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