Multiple fiber crossings, one neutral provider

Leverage our dark fiber infrastructure crossing the US-Mexico border in the most important markets for the region.

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Connecting US and Mexico with neutral international fiber crossings

Featuring 9 strategic fiber crossings across the Mexico-US border in key locations like Texas, Arizona, and California, our infrastructure enables the operation of an international network with personal assets and equipment, eliminating the need for third-party lit services.

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International Fiber Crossing

Head for the border to go beyond Head for the border to go beyond

Choose seamless connectivity and reach your target market across the border in a fraction of the usual time.

Diverse routes

Expand your options and enjoy peace of mind with our diverse routes, offering independent crossings across the US-Mexico border.

Faster Go-to-Market

Our fiber crossings save you the time and effort of dealing with complex regulations to build your own fiber across the border.

Cost Effective

Minimize risk and manage your resources cost-effectively by choosing between our traditional CAPEX and OPEX models.

Explore your options to own or lease your fiber Explore your options to own or lease your fiber

Align your financial strategy with flexible pricing including CAPEX, OPEX, multi-site, and multi-crossing options.

A few words from our team A few words from our team

"Hyperscalers trust our fiber crossing infrastructure in several markets along the border to connect US and Mexico”.
Joel Pacheco

Joel Pacheco

Chief revenue Officer of MDC Data Centers
“Today over a 100+ Terabits per second are flowing through our international Fiber Crossing infrastructure along the US and Mexico border”.
Ivan Eng

Ivan Eng

Planing and Build Team Director of MDC Data Centers

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