The strength of the collaborative economy, autonomous cars, Internet of things, blockchain, M2M processes, as well as augmented reality and mixed reality will take force in the coming years, and it is expected that the data will increase interesting.

Every day we read about strategic partnerships, telecommunications companies acquiring emerging companies Over-The-Top (OTT) and in a short time we will see it in reverse.

Some data to illustrate some of the acquisitions that will make the bandwidth demand blunt:

  • Intel acquired a firm of autonomous cars. It is estimated that the autonomous car market will reach a value of 70,000 million dollars by 2030.
  • AT & T recently bought Time Warner for 85,000 million dollars. The OTT platform market could reach a value of 62.3 billion dollars in 2020 globally.
  • Google absorbed Nest, a startup manufacturer of devices on the Internet of Things sector for 3.2 billion dollars. The IoT will reach 80,000 million connected devices in 2020.
  • Uber formed its autonomous car fleet after buying 24,000 units from Volvo.
  • Amazon bought Twitch the popular video game internet site in real time, for 970 million dollars.
  • Spotify officially joined the blockchain world with the acquisition of the startup Mediachain. The new purchase will help Spotify pay the right people for each song that plays in their immensely popular service.
  • Huawei will invest more than 600 million dollars in 5G technology because they say it will be especially useful in M2M processes (“machine-to-machine”).

Last year, Cisco presented its Virtual Networking Index (VNI) report that indicates the trends in IP traffic that could occur in 2020.

It is estimated that in two years there will be 4 billion Internet users, more people connected mean more devices are generating traffic. Cisco predicted that there would be 26,300 million connected devices and that the traffic will grow to 2.3 Zettabytes.

ISPs and operators must prepare to support the demand for traffic and increase speed so as not to damage the experience of end users that could result in millionaire losses for companies. Before the transformation that we are about to begin, neutrality becomes something more than a tendency.


Having a neutral data center is having multiple ISPs to avoid any possible downtime. If there is an interruption with an operator, neutrality will allow another operator to be routed in the same data center, making the peaks of instability almost imperceptible. It is a way to guarantee at 100% uptime.

The operational performance of MDC is supported by SLA and the NOC 24/7 support.


A neutral data center with strategic vision will have an attractive density in its list of carriers; it is very likely that each of them offers different possibilities from the availability, costs, alliances and other characteristics that allow responding to market demands.

MDC’s MEX-IX provides access to Cloudflare and Akamai, the latter being the largest content distributor and delivering 30% of all internet traffic. Including e-commerce operators and social network content.

Cloudflare has more than 6 million websites in its CDN service, including Uber, Fitbit, Yelp! And Reddit to name a few.

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Strategic alliances

If for some reason the operator does not meet your needs, you will not have to change your location, move your equipment or move your engineers; you can choose another operator from the list of carriers and connect with it through the same data center

Within our list of business advocacy activities, at MDC we connect our customers through the marketplace and personal introductions. We look for the right interlocutor according to the specific needs of our clients to open the dialogue with the indicated operators.

Saving time and resources

Open competition directly affects the price reduction. The neutral data centers do not depend on a single network provider; they have several that adjust their prices according to the industry benchmark.

For our data center in McAllen, we have developed business cases for our clients. This allows measuring with greater certainty the economic impact that will have to hire a provider or another. We also help them mitigate any risk by giving trials of our products for 30 or 90 days.

For more information about the prices and benefits of the packages, contact us at or through our social media.