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Mexican Carriers

Connect your business to the world

We provide IT and Communication services for enterprises, government and residential markets.

With a network infrastructure of over 39 thousand kilometers and more than 6 thousand square meters of data center, Axtel enables organizations to be more productive by providing world class telecommunication services.

  • Data Center

    More than 6,000 squared meters in 6 world-class data centers featuring the best technology with maximum availability.

  • IP Services

    Internet, point-to-point and multipoint services across our 24,000 miles-long reliable fiber network in Mexico

World-class Infrastructure

Axtel provides telecommunications services using a suite of technologies including FWA, WiMAX, copper, fiber optic, point to multipoint radios and traditional point to point microwave access, among others.

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Internet es tener a toda tu música a un clic de distancia. #InternetEsXtremo

Internet es compartir tu vida con el mundo. #InternetEsXtremo

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