A third route between Dallas and Queretaro is here

As the demand for connectivity in Mexico continues to grow, so does the need for diverse options. That's where our third route from Eagle Pass to Queretaro comes in.

By reinforcing connectivity between hubs in Dallas and Queretaro, this route is poised to become the go-to choice for content providers, OTTs, and networks looking to expand their reach in Mexico.

With miles of fiber already being built, this third route brings the potential to unlock a whole new world of business opportunities.

Data Center Specifications Data Center Specifications
Electrical capacity 500 kVA
Battery Backup 20 min
Utility Voltage 480 Volts
Emergency Power Plant 200 KVA
Power autonomy 48 hrs with full tank before first diesel load
Generator Redundancy N+1 (Manual Transfer Switch)
Cooling N+1 CRAC
Fire Suppression CO2
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