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As the world´s needs for uninterrupted global interconnectivity continue to rise, at Telxius we are preparing the road ahead. We continue to expand our unrivalled global ecosystem of digital infrastructure based on 82,000 km of high-capacity fiber optic submarine cables, including terrestrial backhauls, close to 100 PoPs in 17 countries, 25 landing stations and two communications hubs connecting to the main data centers in the world. We provide a wide range of Capacity, Colocation and Security services, as well as direct internet connectivity through our Tier-1 IP network. Thus, we create opportunities with customers and partners to make their businesses thrive in the new digital economy across the Americas, Europe and beyond.

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  • Internet Transit

    Through a Tier-1 Backbone (AS 12956), with more than 20 Tbps capacity, we offer direct connectivity to the Internet. It provides international coverage with 61 points of presence (POPs) in 16 countries, as well as innovative value-added services. Designed to provide the main operators and ISPs with high-speed Internet access through a high-performance technological network, with the highest guarantee of service and a business proposal tailored to their needs. More Information

  • Virtual NAP

    Our Virtual NAP service provides Internet Transit Service (ITS) customers with a solution to reach the International Exchange Points (IXPs) in order to establish local peerings. With this service, small Internet Service Providers (ISPs) can reduce their costs and improve quality of service, making the Internet more accessible to all of society. More Information

  • DNS

    DNS (Domain Name System) Resolution Service, which contributes to a better web browsing experience for your Internet users. Provides security and content filtering features, reports on network usage and helps protect users from malicious websites. It integrates with Telxius’ Internet Transit and Global Carrier Ethernet services and provides an extensive coverage, with nodes in Europe and LATAM. More Information

  • RPKI

    Resource Public Key Infrastructure (RPKI) is a simple framework to guarantee the authenticity of the routing information announced on the Internet. This means that the routing information is unified into a single source of truth. In addition, it allows internet players and final users to verify the validity of the routing information received from others on the Internet thanks to the digital certificate derived from the X.509 standard. It operates as a distributed database where all Internet Players can register their IP prefixes linked to an Autonomous System Number (ASN). Each of these records are called a Route Origin Authorization Registry (ROA). More Information

  • DDoS Shield

    Our DDoS Shield solution is a security service that adds value to the Internet Transit Service by mitigating attacks on our international network before they reach the customer's network. In the event of an attack, the system acts transparently for the customer, eliminating the malicious traffic and delivering the legitimate traffic, thus contributing to the continuity of the service for the customer. More Information

  • Global Carrier Ethernet

    Global Carrier Ethernet (GCE) expands the functionality of a Carrier Ethernet service, delivering increased bandwidth flexibility, efficient use of interfaces, transparent transmission and high-quality transport. Service based on state-of-the-art technology and with MEF 3.0 certification. GCE is a point-to-point, point-to-multipoint Ethernet service that supports multiple Ethernet Virtual Connections (EVC) on the same interface combined with bandwidth granularity. We deliver a highly customized experience with connections ranging from 50 Mbps to 100 Gbps. More Information

  • Private Line

    Our Private Line service provides Synchronous Digital Hierarchy (SDH)/ Synchronous Optical Network Transmission (SONET) circuits through our fiber optic network connecting Europe, the United States and Latin America. With high reliability and operational flexibility that guarantees the provision of the service in a minimum period of time. The service is geared towards point to point solutions in which the customer has established their capacity needs. SDH and SONET are standards regarding synchronous optical signals for transporting digital information from E3/DS-3, STM-1/OC-3 to STM-64/OC-192. More Information

  • Wavelength

    Wavelength is an unstructured Optical Capacity Service based on Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing (DWDM) technology. It facilitates point to point connections as a unique solution, or in more complex structures that the customer develops according to their needs. The customer contracts the wavelength with the associated optical transmission elements, assuming the design, planning and control of the complementary elements of the customer’s network. More Information

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Telxius, enabling communication

We are continually expanding our subsea cable networks, international backhaul connectivity and colocation solutions to provide a comprehensive platform for connecting, optimising and securing applications and services across the globe.

Mistral: connecting the Pacific coast of Latin America

The Pacific cable Mistral is the first subsea cable system since 2001 to connect Puerto San José (Guatemala) with Valparaíso (Chile), with additional landing points in Salinas (Ecuador), Lurín (Peru) and Arica (Chile).

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