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Communications for Companies and Carriers

Vívaro Telecom is a company that offers Telecommunications, IT Solutions and Cybersecurity services. Its current deployment of a high-capacity long-distance and metropolitan fiber optic network ensures operational continuity based on its interconnection to the main National and International Data Centers, with a diversity of border crossings into the US, all managed with a optimal model of operation, monitoring and management of your ultra-low latency network.

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  • Connectivity

    National and international carriers connected to our global network, offering you connection between your sites or to the main clouds at a lower cost and with the lowest latency.

  • Security Solutions

    Security products managed by a team of specialized bilingual engineers, trained and certified under international standards in our Security Operation Center (SOC), providing monitoring and management of your network 7/24, 365 days a year.

  • Collaboration and Unified Communications

    Set of collaboration and unified communications tools to communicate from anywhere and at any time, simplifying and increasing the productivity of your business.

  • IT Managed Services

    With the support of our technology experts we offer you supply, connection, management, monitoring, migration, and operation of your cloud and IT services.

  • Communication channels

    Communication with your clients in an effective way and in real time, at Vívaro Telecom we are aware of how important it is, so we make our omnichannel platforms available to you, providing a better experience in the generation of your advertising campaigns, collection, social networks, text or voice messages.

  • Telephony and Touchless

    Solutions to support your collaborators to have a safe return to their activities, in addition to carrying out work of containment and control of safe access to your company.

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