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Digital transformation starts with purpose-built networks!

FiberLight has been designing, building, and deploying one-of-a-kind fiber networks to ignite digital revolution for over 20 years. Today FiberLight owns over 14,000 route miles of robust fiber networks in over 44 key growth areas in Florida, Georgia, Maryland, Texas, Virginia, and Washington, D.C. All of our carrier-grade products – including Ethernet, FiberLight Cloud Connect, Dedicated Internet Access, Dark Fiber, and Wavelengths – are engineered to ensure business continuity. We credit our success to having the right people at the right places making the right investments.

  • Dark Fiber

    Whether you are looking to lease or own, you can leverage our expansive high-density fiber footprint to better serve your current and future customers' needs.

  • 100G Long-Haul

    With 100Gigabit Long-Haul, we provide the right solution at the right price to fit your organization's needs. That way you can focus on what you do best - growing your business at the speed of light!

  • Dedicated Internet Access

    With solutions over both protected and unprotected network configurations and at speeds ranging from 10Mbps to 100Gbps, we can scale your services to suit your needs.

  • Ethernet Transport

    FiberLight provides carrier-grade MEF-compliant Metro E-LINE Ethernet services, which include Ethernet Private Line (point-to-point) and Ethernet Virtual Private Line (point-to-multipoint and any-to-any connectivity)

  • Cloud Connect

    FiberLight Cloud Connect helps enterprises get the most out of cloud computing by utilizing a private connection though our cloud exchange partners to preferred cloud destinations.

Our expansive fiber footprint goes where you grow

With over 17,000 backbone access points, 1,700 on-net locations, presence in over 100 data centers and active expansion activities occurring daily, we’ve got more connectivity options than you can fathom.

Now you can map your location against our network on our interactive map!

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A Minute With - Fiberlight | City of Alpharetta

Infrastructure in Alpharetta is second to none. Our city was built on tech having one of the most expansive and redundant fiber optic cable networks in the Metro region. One such provider of that infrastructure who have based their headquarters here in Alpharetta is FiberLight.

Fiberlight Show

New trends in cloud computing with Fiberlight CEO, Don MacNeil, and his Marketing Communications Manager, Brandy Hughes

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