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9 May, 2022 5 minutes

The companies announced a cornerstone partnership that brings new and diverse fiber infrastructure in a strategic crossing location for networks and cloud platforms covering Mexico.

McAllen, TX, May 09, 2022 – MDC Data Centers (MDC), a leading provider of neutral colocation services on the US border, today announced a partnership with Mexican leaders Vivaro Telecom (formerly Marcatel) and Fibranet to launch a new international fiber crossing location and neutral interconnection point in Eagle Pass, Texas. This new crossing infrastructure will act as a bridge between new fiber routes on both sides of the border that will connect Dallas and Queretaro via Eagle Pass.

Queretaro, a state located 125 miles from Mexico City, is experiencing a data center boom driven mostly by the need of cloud service providers and over-the-top (OTT) media companies to service customers and enterprises in Mexico. This new ecosystem requires increased connectivity through a diversity of routes into major hubs in the US that must traverse strategic crossing points on the US-Mexico border.

We have learned that hyperscalers demand more resilient connectivity into Mexico. Today, they rely mostly on McAllen and Laredo for coming across the border,” said Alejandro Reiter, Business Strategy Director of Vivaro Telecom. “We have a commitment to develop a unique and diverse route from Queretaro landing in Eagle Pass, and have found great partners to work with on accomplishing this ambitious goal”.

Vivaro, previously known as Marcatel, is a leader in telecommunications, media, IT solutions, and Cybersecurity with more than 55 years of operations. Globally, the company operates more than 247,000 km of fiber infrastructure to provide services to customers of Vivaro Telecom, Vivaro Media, Vivaro Video, Vivaro Digital and Vivaro Gaming.

McAllen and Laredo have long been the major interconnection points between Mexico and the United States. As capacity requirements between these countries continue to rise, more connectivity and diversity will be required to support this exponential growth. Sitting 100 miles west of Laredo and 200 miles south of San Antonio, Eagle Pass provides an ideal third option for networks that value a diversity of paths. 

“For more than a decade, MDC has been a trusted partner, guide, and advocate for networks on both sides of the border. I am humbled by the trust that Vivaro and Fibranet have placed in MDC through this new partnership.” said Juan Salazar, CEO of MDC, “For us, this new location is the continuation of our vision of providing a platform of sites that span the whole of the US-Mexico border, with its prime purpose being to connect countries, networks, and people so they can thrive.”

MDC announced that the company will build a data center facility and its signature fiber infrastructure across the border into Piedras Negras, Coahuila, the sister city on the Mexico side where Fibranet has a unique fiber infrastructure to service B2B companies with carrier-grade quality.

“I’m glad that our fiber infrastructure between Piedras Negras and Saltillo brings value to the overall Internet in Mexico,” said Alejandro Guzman, CEO of Fibranet. “Our company will continue to expand our fiber capacity to accommodate needs coming from local and international networks. We are convinced that we have a unique, strategic and necessary new fiber route for the imminent increase in capacity that the Data Center ecosystem in Queretaro is generating.

As Mexico continues to bring investments in the data center space, having a robust and diverse infrastructure becomes critical to sustain the applications of hyperscalers and content providers. This partnership reinforces the continued importance of the US border for Mexico’s connectivity and lays the groundwork for improved connectivity in the future.

About Vivaro Telecom

Vívaro Telecom (previously Marcatel), is a company that offers Telecommunications, IT Solutions and Cybersecurity services. Its current deployment of a high-capacity long-distance and metropolitan fiber-optic network ensures an operational continuity based on its interconnection to the main National and International Data Centers, with a variety of border crossings into the US, all managed with an optimal model of operation, monitoring, and management of its ultra-low latency network.

Vívaro Telecom is a Vívaro company.

Vívaro Telecom is based in Monterrey, N.L., Mexico.

Learn more about Vívaro Telecom at http://www.vivaro.com/Telecom and find us on social media.

About FibraNet
Fibranet is a provider of telecommunications services with coverage in northwestern Mexico. It offers solutions to the connectivity needs of operators, companies, and industries in the region. This is through the combination of robust infrastructure in a unique fiber optic route. With an expert team, strategic alliances with top-tier carriers and providers, as well as a business and service culture, they make a difference in the experience of their customers.

For more information visit: https://fibranet.mx/

About MDC Data Centers
MDC Data Centers provides the best option for networks that want to connect, cover and serve all of Mexico most efficiently and effectively. We deliver this by concentrating the core points-of-presence of Mexican and North American networks at our neutral spaces across the US border. This meeting of networks, both northbound and southbound, is facilitated through our winning combination of unique International Fiber Crossings infrastructure and the hosting of a safe, neutral space for networks to connect. We pursue these endeavors to achieve our purpose of “using our connections to empower people to thrive”.

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