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12 Aug, 2020 3 minutes

McAllen, the official south pole of Texas, is home to the MEX-IX, an internet exchange point (IXP) on the border established and operated by MDC Data Centers to enable international carriers and content providers to peer with Mexican operators. 

Due to its extremely close proximity to Mexico and the high density of Mexican operators with their own network at MDC in McAllen, this exchange point works as if it were actually in Mexico which creates an valuable opportunity for IP service providers and content providers to exchange traffic with Mexico more easily and effectively while improving local performance for all networks involved.

The benefits of peering at the MEX-IX

Exchanging traffic through peering improves network performance, reduces latency, and reduces the need for costly IP transit investments. Together, these factors enable growth, network resilience, and overall better interconnectivity

Better end-user experience

Exchanging traffic in an IXP creates an alternative route for your data, reducing interruptions in critical cases. 

Reduce network operation costs 

If you route part of your traffic through participating networks in an IXP it reduces the load on your IP Transit or Transport links – which translates to operational savings.

Increase redundancy 

Direct routes between network carriers result in lower latency without interruptions or delays in content delivery.

Why should I consider MEX-IX as an option if I already have a Cross Connect?

The key advantage peering has over a Cross Connect is the aggregation of traffic from multiple carriers on one port. In a Cross Connect the exchange is one-to-one, through the MEX-IX when you connect to a port you can share the traffic from multiple carriers through that same port.The MEX-IX was built with cutting-edge technology, with a lightweight and scalable architecture, and a set of advanced tools. Also, a 24/7 NOC manages the platform to support participants at any time

MEX-IX technical specs: 

The MEX-IX was built with cutting-edge technology, with a lightweight and scalable architecture, and a set of advanced tools available for our customers with a 24/7 NOC team that provides support to all MEX-IX participants around the clock. The MEX-IX offers port sizes available in 10 Gbps and 100 Gbps, supports bilateral and multilateral peering with a route server, and performance stats available through the MDC Portal. 

Port speedCapacityInterface
100G100,000 Mbps (100 Gbps)LR4
10G10,000 Mbps (10 Gbps)LR4

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