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1 Aug, 2020 4 minutes

At  MDC we believe in equipping our data center facilities with the necessary elements that enable our customers to maintain a smooth operation and to meet the challenges they face. 

MDC El Paso, the only purpose-built data center in El Paso, TX was designed and built with our carriers and content providers in mind. In many cases,  other data center facilities are made from converted warehouses or large open buildings that have been retrofitted. Because these buildings were not originally built to serve as data centers, converting them requires concession to essential data center design components that can often cause downtime, damage to your equipment, or even loss of data. 

Not only does a purpose-built data center like  MDC El Paso reduce these kinds of risks, but it also provides the flexibility to accommodate future growth.

More benefits of colocation in a purpose-built data center

Strategic locations

Our data centers, like MDC El Paso, are located strategically on the border to create an interconnection mesh for Mexico and carriers around the world. These locations are carefully chosen to enable our clients to reach more networks more efficiently, with more opportunities to grow, and with less barriers.  

Facility resilience

Purpose-built data centers are also designed to withstand extreme weather conditions and fires and that is why they are built with much higher standards and redundancy. Adapting an existing building to meet those standards can sometimes prove to be too expensive or even impossible and exposes networks to greater unnecessary risks. 

Customer-centric design

The inside of a purpose-built data center is also designed to enable your authorized  technicians to perform routine tasks safely and more efficiently with easy access to amenities like parking, restrooms, workstations, and internet access. 

More about MDC El Paso

With 5,500 square feet of dedicated data center space, MDC El Paso was built under the best standards of quality, safety, and efficiency. Our facility counts with redundant infrastructure supported by state-of-the-art equipment to provide you peace of mind.  Additionally, El paso is located in a geographical area with an extremely low risk of natural disasters like storms, floods, and earthquakes. 

Facility specs overview:

  • Standby Power: 500k W Caterpillar Diesel Generator 
  • Autonomy: 90 hours Utility Voltage – 208V/480V 
  • UPS 208/120V 
  • Dual DC Power Plants 
  • Cooling:  4 x HVAC Units per Suite
  • Fire Suppression:  FM200 Detection – Smoke & Flame
  • Power Redundancy: N + 1 
  • Security: Physical (PIN and Card), CCTV, and Recorders 
  • Connectivity: International Fiber Crossing connecting El Paso with the city of Juárez, in Mexico

MDC El Paso also counts with a N+1 power redundancy configuration, which means this data center has the capacity required to run at full capacity with an additional component to account for possible outages, failures,  or maintenance. 

Carriers may also take advantage of MDC El Paso’s dedicated international border crossing between El Paso and the city of Juarez in Mexico. We make it easier for our customers  by offering a full colocation bundle including our International Crossing, Always-on Colocation, and Customer Support services  so you can manage everything with just one provider. Multiple pairs are available with an optional redundant route to our data centers in McAllen and Laredo. 

MDC El Paso features the full range of digital services from MDC Data Centers like The MDC Portal, On-site Support services, and the MDC Marketplace. We want our customers to know that a skilled team  of on-site certified engineers are just a click or call away to provide support with any requirement. 

Learn more about MDC El Paso by downloading the facility specifications brochure, or request pricing information for colocation and interconnection services from one of our Customer Success advocates that are always ready to help provide you with any information you need. 

Learn more about MDC El Paso

Learn more about MDC El Paso

Download the facility specs brochure