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IENTC is a robust network operator and telecommunications service provider, expanding rapidly from the Bajio region towards the center and north of the Mexican territory operating a state of the art fiber network, providing wholesale and retail customers all telecom services, across all markets in Mexico, with a vision of expanding nationally in the following years, focused on providing an outstanding customer experience.

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  • Dedicated Internet Access for End Customers

    Dedicated Internet Access provides an exclusive network with direct interconnection and symmetrical bandwidth with a much higher packet per second capacity. Simple Network Management Protocols (SMNP) are available as a default solution in order to provide you with remote access, to monitor the service, and to increase the end user ́s experience.

  • SD WAN

    SD-WAN is a service that helps add different types of Internet connections to your location and have it all in one front, adding up the bandwidths for different carriers, keeping your public IP address, and providing extreme security with end-to-end encryption. As a Telecom company you can provide the service with a public IP address directly from your network (NNI WILL BE REQUIRED).

  • Wavelength

    A wavelength connection is a optic Layer1 service that can be configurated according yo your needs, directly delivered on OTN or LANPHY, and WANPHY protocols are available in: 1 Gpbs, 10 Gpbs, 100 Gbps and 400 Gbps.

  • Voice Termination

    Using the IENTC Wholesale Network, we can enable too provide voice traffic termination in Mexico.

  • Last mille

    Ethernet Private Lines (EPLs), core protected and high MTU capacity, can be provided over our more than 10, 000 km netwrok. NNIs in 10 Gbps and 100 Gbps can be deployed in the main data centers in Mexico and the US in order to provide a full end-to-end solution for domestic and international carriers.

  • Edge Colocation

    As part of our infrastucture deployed all over our network, colocation can be offered for edge connectivity. High SLAs for energy are offered for a high resilience service for carriers and CDNs that are looking to be closer to the end users.

  • Mobile 4.5 G Connection

    IENTC Mobile service + carrier services like SD Wan can be configured to provide high SLA services. Mobility requests for Internet access over public transport are being deployed all over the world using these solutions, and now with IENTC they are also available in Mexico. Our LTE network offers the largest coverage in Mexico, covering territory in the B28 700 MHz band with a great penetration-reach balance.

  • Smart Hands

    To improve your all-in-one Mexico experience. IENTC offers the option to connect with our long haul networks and utilize colocation services within our POPs. With these services, you can benefit from faster and more reliable connections as well as secure hosting for your servers and IT equipment. Additionally, our one-stop-shop approach means that we provide smart hands and eyes for configuration, installation, and maintenance.

  • Data Center Ready Connection

    More than 15 of the most important data centers in Mexico (continuously increasing) are connected with al least 2 different and diverse fiber routers, enabling other carriers to connect their infrastructure in 1+1 topologies, bringing high availability, low latency, and extremely efficent networks. EPL ́s, Darkfiber and Wavelenghts are also available.

  • API Interconnection

    With an open API desing, we can interconnect our system to yours in order to star quoting and ticketing directly with our platforms; no middleman interactions are required and the process can be fully automated in order to provide an efficient way to interact with your Quoting teams, Provisioning teams and Operations/NOC teams.

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We are IENTC, a telecom company with over 11 years of experience. We provide the best connectivity solutions for your company, dedicated Internet Access for end customers, data center ready connection, SD -WAN, IP Transit and more.

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