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IENTC Telecomunications

IENTC is an operator specializing in customer service and high-quality telecommunications services: Internet, Ethernet, Colocation, among others, serving the Mexican and US markets through its facility-based fiber optic network. Our commitment is to deliver the solution you need.

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  • Dedicated internet

    Dedicated Internet gives you an exclusive network with direct interconnection and symmetrical bandwidth that will allow you to forget about delays and latencies in the service. An exclusive connection for corporations and organizations whose business processes depend on the use of the Internet for their operations and that guarantees stability, security and speed in data transfer.

  • SD WAN

    SD-WAN ayuda a gestionar todas las diferentes piezas geográficas de su WAN, lo que ayuda a mejorar el rendimiento y la eficiencia; podemos generar topologías LAN extendidas, seguras y confiables de manera virtual, permitiendo extender operaciones de su empresa a cualquier punto con acceso a ancho de banda de internet.

  • vPBX

    It is a virtual switch for companies with the features and functionalities of a physical switch, without actually having it, since it is hosted in the cloud, which allows you to enjoy the flexibility of IP voice. With the highest technology you can integrate your landline into your cell phone, manage everything from the Internet, have virtual extensions, multiple answering machines and use it from anywhere.

  • Cloud Connectivity

    Cloud connectivity is the ability to connect to cloud-based applications and services through VPN, Public Network and Public/Private Cloud. Thanks to our fiber optic backbone backed by security schemes that exceed the needs of companies.

  • Ip Telephony

    Ip Telephony or VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is the IP data network (local network) which helps maintain communication throughout the company, through a voice and data network or a Virtual Private Network (VPN). ). It offers features such as extension management, call transfer, voicemail, call waiting.

  • Mobile Telephony

    The IENTC Móvil service operates with the Red Compartida, offering the greatest coverage in the national territory in the 700 Mhz band (LTE B28). We offer 4.5G LTE service, being also the first network that is prepared for 5G with low saturation, which guarantees an unprecedented experience in the use of voice and data.

  • LAN to LAN

    Local Area Network, by its translation “local area network”, is a group of related devices that share a common communication line or wireless link with a server.

  • Firewall as a Service

    The functionality of FWaaS or Firewall as a Service is to provide end-to-end network security in the cloud by eliminating the care and maintenance associated with traditional cybersecurity appliances.

  • Server Co-location

    Service, in conjunction with DATA CENTERS, to offer mission critical, innovative, agile and personalized, to co-locate the client's servers in their data centers. Co-location involves placing a company's physical server in a hosting company's data center.

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LMX & IENTC Telecomunicaciones

IENTC and LMX work together to provide agile and efficient responses for last-mile connectivity in Mexico.

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