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Alberto Caraballo

4 Oct, 2022 2 minutes

We know that expanding your operation and network coverage to new territories comes with risks and rewards. Having access to facilities in the right place alongside a large and diverse ecosystem of carriers, cloud, and content providers can be a key resource for success.

At MDC Data Centers, we are committed from the first contact to guide you and help you interconnect to the networks you need to operate effectively and efficiently in the cities where you have coverage.

Here are five reasons why we are the ideal partner for WISPs at the border:

  • It’s a cost-effective strategy for you. At MDC data centers, you will have direct access to Tier-1 providers and get low Internet rates.
  • Unlike restrictive data centers, our neutral ecosystem provides the freedom to choose among multiple carriers and bandwidth options affordably and securely.
  • You can have low latency access to content and cloud providers.
  • Keep your data secure as well as functional. You will gain the peace of mind of having on-site engineers 24/7 to protect and support your operation.
  • By joining our Katalyst program, you will receive introductions to the people and companies you need to expand your business.


  • You can get convenient rooftop access and tower facilities across locations.

The border between the US and Mexico is an area in constant economic growth, especially the city of El Paso, Tx has fostered a thriving environment for businesses to operate and is home to one of the most vital bi-national workforces in the Western Hemisphere. MDC Data Centers is the only neutral colocation provider in El Paso with a purpose-built facility designed to help our carriers meet the demands of the surrounding markets.

We work hard to offer more and better services in each one of our locations. Currently, we are incorporating new services at MDC El Paso so it can become your service headquarters where you can benefit from accessing multiple networks, an internet exchange point, and lattice tower facilities.

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