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1 May, 2024 3 minutes

In today’s fast-paced digital landscape, Wireless Internet Service Providers (WISPs) and Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) need more than just high-performance networks; they need the operational agility to adapt and thrive. Thinking on these markets needs, MDC Data Centers is pleased to introduce its Tower Colocation service, creating a comprehensive interconnection hub designed to transform your network capabilities.

Experience Unparalleled Speed and Scalability

  • Reduced Latency: Our strategically located on-site data center minimizes data travel distances, delivering exceptional user experiences through lightning-fast connections.
  • Seamless Traffic Offloading: Easily interconnect with leading Tier-1 networks such as Sparkle, Cogent, and Arelion. This integration facilitates effortless traffic management and enhances network scalability.
  • Content Delivery Optimization: Gain direct access to top-tier Content Delivery Networks (CDNs), including Akamai and Gcore. This connectivity ensures the content is delivered at peak speeds, optimizing your service delivery.
  • Strategic Collaboration: Direct connections through our internet exchange point MEX-IX, facilitate collaboration with other carriers and cloud providers, enabling exciting service expansions and traffic optimization.
  • Unlocking Edge Computing Potential: Leverage the on-site data center resources in El Paso to explore cutting-edge edge computing solutions like real-time analytics and advanced IoT services in a vast market.

Strategic Location Advantage

Situated in El Paso at the bustling U.S.-Mexico border, our data center and tower offer a prime location for superior connectivity. This strategic positioning allows for enhanced data flow across borders, making it an ideal spot for WISPs looking to expand their reach and capitalize on cross-border communication opportunities.

MEX-IX El Paso: The first internet exchange built in a neutral ecosystem

Learn more about MEX-IX

The integration of a data center hub, an Internet Exchange Point (IXP), and a communications tower at our strategic El Paso location opens new avenues for growth and efficiency. This unique combination makes it the ideal choice for WISPs & MNO looking to expand their horizons and thrive in a competitive market.

MDC Data Centers is the partner to help you thrive

Choosing MDC Data Centers means opting for a partner who understands the importance of support, flexibility, strategic locations and a diverse ecosystem for our clients. Our BorderConnect Platform™ can help to elevate your network and facilitate the interconnection experience for your company needs.

Are you ready to transform your network capabilities and achieve new levels of growth and efficiency? Contact MDC Data Centers today and discover more about the strategic advantages of our facilities in El Paso and along the US-Mexico border.

Join our commitment to empower and unite, driving growth across networks, countries, and communities.

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