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27 Aug, 2020 3 minutes

MDC Data Centers and the MEX-IX have begun the work to join the MANRS IXP program to promote better routing security. MANRS presents a set of routing security measures to address the unique needs and challenges of internet exchanges. These measures were developed by a group of IXPs from around the world and featured in IXP forums for further discussion and feedback. Participation in the program provides an opportunity for IXPs to work together for the responsible stewardship and sustainability of the Internet.

What is MANRS?

Mutually Agreed Norms for Routing Security (MANRS) is a global initiative, backed by the Internet Society, that provides crucial solutions to reduce the most common routing threats like  route hijacking, route leaks, IP address spoofing, and many other harmful activities.

The MANRS acronym is no accident, the initiative ultimately produces safer and more reliable routing conditions because network operators, IXPs, and cloud and CDN providers are taking collective responsibility and consideration of others by joining the MANRS programs.

MDC is now part of the list of IXPs committed to meeting the challenge one of the highest risks to the Internet: routing threats.

Why should your IXP join MANRS?

MANRS is an important step towards a more secure and robust global routing infrastructure. MANRS actions were initially designed for network operators, but Internet Exchange Points (IXPs) also play an active role in protecting the Internet. IXPs represent active communities with common operational goals and already contribute to a more resilient and secure Internet infrastructure.

MDC wants to make MEX-IX a collaborative community open to discuss and promote the importance of routing security. And through implementing the MANRS program, and assisting our clients to do as well, MDC is working to build a more secure MEX-IX ecosystem.

Learn how to join the MANRS program

Learn how to join the MANRS program

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More about the MEX-IX

The MEX-IX is an Internet exchange platform located in our data center in McAllen, Texas, where the largest concentration of Mexican networks are gathered. The MEX-IX is also the first IXP to focus on establishing peering relationships between Mexican networks and content providers in the U.S.

CDNs like  Limelight, Akamai, AWS and Cloudflare are successfully covering most of the Mexican markets and are unloading traffic to Dallas with a point of presence at the border in McAllen and in Mexico. 

More information about these CDNs:

  • Cloudflare delivers 15% -30% of Internet traffic
  • Akamai has more than 20 million domains on its network
  • Limelight provides +40 Tbps of traffic capacity on its network
  • AWS has a global reach of +180 PoPs
  • These CDNs deliver content for the following platforms: Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo, Fox, Spotify, Slack, Uber, Adobe, Universal, Disney+, and many others.

The MEX-IX enables service providers to operate more efficiently by offering improved peer-to-peer network performance, less latency and increased reliability, while lowering IP Transit costs.

What you need to know about the MEX-IX and its key location on the border

Learn about the MEX-IX