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Joel Pacheco Gonçalves

27 Jul, 2017 2 minutes

PeeringDB is a web-based database of networks, exchanges, and peering facilities around the world. It is the single largest repository of actionable peering information available.

The collaborative efforts of the community behind the networks have been critical for the Internet’s maintenance and success. Collaboration requires constant communication and updates.

Why you should keep your records up to date?

PeeringDB has become essential for day-to-day operations of peering network coordinators. Many automation solutions for peering are integrated with PeeringDB’s structure data, to the point that some networks have refused to peer with others not registered on the platform.

With the rise of automation solutions for peering, keeping your network’s data up-to-date would be necessary to maintaining your peering relationships. If you don’t register and update your information at community databases like PeeringDB, you’re missing out on potential people to peer and collaborate with.

MDC is registered on PeeringDB as a peering facility. Create your account here or update your existing profile, and make sure that MDC is listed among your peering locations so that you can benefit from interconnection opportunities in McAllen, Laredo, and El Paso.

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