26 Dec, 2019 All

Mexico’s 10 Year Challenge

If you use social media you have probably come across the latest trend of the season, the “10 Year Challenge”, which involves people posting their then-and-now profile pictures to highlight all the changes they’ve experienced…

26 Dec, 2019 All

#MDCBrief December 2019

Windstream Wholesale Announces Largest Capacity Wavelengths Deal In recent days Windstream Wholesale signed an agreement with a major hyperscale customer for the largest amount of network capacity in the company’s history. The capacity will allow…

25 Nov, 2019 Interconnection

#MDCBrief November 2019

November’s top headlines from members of the MDC Marketplace ecosystem: Megacable disburses 24 million dollars in the initial stage of its data center Megacable Holdings turned its telecommunications business by betting on a new niche…

23 Sep, 2019 All

#MDCBrief September 2019

Check out the most important headlines in September from members of the MDC ecosystem. Alestra promotes technological entrepreneurship with “NAVE Seed” Alestra marks the beginning of “Nave Seed”, a program dedicated to supporting and training…

22 Sep, 2019 All

The MDC Marketplace is the sales force you need

Despite the growth of Telecoms in Mexico, Mexican carriers have failed to consolidate a robust sales force in the United States. According to official data from the LinkedIn professional platform, the salary of a Regional…

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