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11 Nov, 2019 3 minutes

Conterra Networks,  an industry-leading provider of fiber-optic network solutions, is now a member of the MDC Marketplace ecosystem

El Paso, TX, November 11, 2019  – Conterra Ultra Broadband Holdings, LLC (“Conterra Networks”) will now offer Tier 2 and Tier 3 high capacity transport and dark fiber solutions in El Paso, TX through the MDC Marketplace.  After half a decade of steady investment in its fiber-optic network, Conterra Networks now boasts 420 miles of fiber, comprised of over 60,000 fiber-strand miles, serving the El Paso market and surrounding areas – all supporting the ongoing sale and delivery of advanced data, Internet, and voice services to the growing market.

The MDC Marketplace is a digital platform that enables carriers to connect with decision-makers to generate business opportunities that will ultimately help their presence grow in the United States and Mexico. The Marketplace consists of the leading ISPs & Tier 1 networks worldwide, content and cloud service providers, and the largest concentration of Mexican operators. 

Conterra’s arrival to the Marketplace highlights the platform’s steady growth of membership which has increased by 35% this year – with more carriers estimated to join by the end of Q4. Visit Conterra’s profile to view network maps, information about their internet, ethernet, dark fiber, and private custom network solutions, or communicate with key contacts directly. 

About MDC Data Centers

MDC Data Centers, helps network operators, content providers, and enterprises interconnect with major Network Service Providers on the US border with Mexico. The company is considered one of the fastest-growing data centers in South Texas, presenting a unique offer of reliable colocation services with a fiber crossing infrastructure to bring networks across the border. Due to its geographic proximity to Mexico, MDC serves this emerging market allowing American and International carriers to connect to the largest concentration of Mexican networks in carrier-neutral facilities. For more information visit mdcdatacenters.com or follow MDC Data Centers on LinkedIn and Twitter at @mdcdatacenters

About Conterra Networks

Founded in 2003, and now operating more than 11,000 fiber route miles in 9 states, Conterra is one of the largest remaining independent broadband infrastructure companies in the United States based on its optical fiber and fixed wireless network assets and annual recurring revenues. The company is majority-owned by Court Square Capital, with a minority stake held by Fiera Infrastructure and the remaining ownership largely held by Conterra’s management team. For more information about Conterra, please visit www.conterra.com.

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