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9 May, 2023 4 minutes

MDC Data Centers, SOCIUM.CR, and LAC-IX team up to launch MEX-IX El Paso, offering a strategic peering location between Mexico and the US.

El Paso TX – May 09, 2023 – MDC Data Centers, a leading provider of carrier-neutral data center solutions, proudly announces the launch of MEX-IX El Paso, Texas, in collaboration with SOCIUM.CR and LAC-IX. Building on the success of its first MEX-IX in McAllen, Texas – the largest IXP for Mexico – this new endeavor leverages the BorderConnect Platform™ to extend the proven model, fostering innovation and enhancing connectivity across the US and Mexico border.

Optimal Positioning: El Paso’s Key Role in Expanding Connectivity

El Paso’s prime location provides efficient northbound routes towards Dallas and Los Angeles while concentrating eyeball networks that span the north and northwest of Mexico. Moreover, El Paso is a substantial local market, housing major companies in the city.

“At MDC, we believe in the importance of internet exchange points (IXP) as a key piece for the development of the Internet in the region. We are thrilled to announce the MEX-IX launch, an internet exchange in El Paso, Texas, facilitated in partnership with SOCIUM.CR and LAC-IX .” said, Joel Pacheco, Chief Revenue Officer for MDC. “By connecting content providers with Mexico and South Texas networks, MEX-IX empowers local communities and enhances digital infrastructure. We believe it will pave the way for a more connected, cost-effective, and thriving network ecosystem on the border.”

“We permanently seek to strengthen Internet connectivity in the region and one of the ways to achieve this is by facilitating the creation of new Internet Exchange infrastructures. The launch of the MEX-IX peering platform located in El Paso constitutes a new option for access and content networks that wish to increase their quality of service. The results are the consequence of the collaboration scheme that we maintain together with LACNIC and the Internet Society and that allows us to articulate the necessary resources to support our members in their improvement needs.” adds Gabriel Adonaylo, LAC-IX Coordinator.

Streamlining Connectivity and Delivering Savings

MEX-IX is a settlement-free peering space that keeps content local. Emerging operators and WISPs can access low latency content on the MEX-IX, enabling them to offer enhanced service to their end-users, even in remote areas. Content providers, CDNs, and network operators benefit from the decongestion of transport links and increased efficiency. This alleviates their IP Transit links, translating into cost savings.

MDC Data Centers, SOCIUM.CR, and LAC-IX aim to create new opportunities and enhance customer experiences through the BorderConnect Platform™. The expansion of MEX-IX to El Paso represents an exciting new chapter for MDC Data Centers and their customers. MDC El Paso is not only positioned to serve the international market but also the local market through a telecommunications tower, building a diverse ecosystem. As a multi-service location, it is the best-positioned data center to serve emerging operators and WISPs, as well as content providers, CDNs, and network operators.

About MDC Data Centers

MDC Data Centers offers the ideal solution for networks seeking efficient and effective connectivity throughout Mexico. Our approach is based on centralizing the core points-of-presence for Mexican and North American networks in our neutral spaces located along the US border. This convergence of northbound and southbound networks creates a dense network ecosystem on the border, which is further strengthened by our unique International Fiber Crossings infrastructure and secure, neutral hosting environment for network connections. Together, these components form our BorderConnect Platform™, which aims to facilitate connections that empower customers and communities by uniting networks, countries, and people.

For more information visit: mdcdatacenters.com or follow MDC Data Centers on LinkedIn and Twitter at @mdcdatacenters.

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SOCIUM.CR is an organization which goal is to strength the technological platforms of our partners, forming alliances through its specialized services to guarantee an increasingly secure and resilient Internet. In the last 4 years SOCIUM.CR has collaborated with IXPs in 15 countries of Latin America and Caribbean in the adoption of best practices, IPv6, RPKI, automation of critical systems, training, and technical support, maximizing the IXP resources and technical capabilities.

For more information visit: socium.cr or follow SOCIUM on LinkedIn and Twitter at @socium6.

About LAC-IX

LAC-IX is the Association of Internet Exchange Points operators of Latin America and the Caribbean. Promotes the exchange of Internet traffic in the region, contributing to the development of IXPs through the dissemination of best practices, new tools and services that improve critical network infrastructure.

For more information visit: lac-ix.org or follow LAC-IX on LinkedIn and Twitter at @lac-ix.