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27 Feb, 2023 3 minutes

McAllen, TX, February 28, 2023 – MDC Data Centers, a leading carrier-neutral colocation provider on the US border, is pleased to announce a $3.4 million investment in upgrading its data center infrastructure. During the past year, the company has purchased state-of-the-art equipment from Bud Griffin & Associates, a leading provider of data center service and equipment, to upgrade its MCA2 data center.

This significant investment will enable MDC to offer improved quality of service to its clients, as well as stay up-to-date on the latest technologies and best practices in the industry. The partnership with BGA will provide MDC Data Centers with access to their expertise and resources, further enhancing the company’s commitment to providing top-notch data center services to its customers.

“At MDC our clients’ satisfaction and long-term relationships are our top priorities. We believe that investing in our infrastructure with top providers such as BGA, is an investment for the success of our clients. This upgrade to our MCA2 data center will provide improved quality of service to our customers and minimize the risk of downtime, ensuring that we continue to be a trusted partner for businesses”, said Ivan Eng, Strategic Planning Director at MDC.

BGA recognizes that in today’s world there are no ‘typical’ network applications. Every company’s network is critical (24×7). BGA not only has the solutions, but the knowledge and experience to support these application needs.  Whether it is a large data center or a remote site that requires single phase power and monitoring, BGA offers the technology and support to surpass their customer’s needs.

MDC Data Centers is committed to making its Border Interconnection Platform even more robust and accessible for networks and content providers who want to Do Mexico Right.

About Bud Griffin & Associates (BGA)

Since 1972, Bud Griffin and Associates, Inc. has been the exclusive sales representative for Liebert and Vertiv products in Houston and South Texas and expanded its product line to include power support equipment for demanding computer solutions. Over the past 50 years, BGA has grown to include territories in New Mexico and Arizona.

In addition to offering a wide range of critical network support solutions, BGA also offers expert service technicians in each territory. These highly-trained team members are available at all times and bring with them a vast knowledge of the entire product line.

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About MDC Data Centers

MDC Data Centers provides the best option for networks that want to connect, cover, and serve all of Mexico most efficiently and effectively. We deliver this by concentrating the core points-of-presence of Mexican and North American networks at our neutral spaces across the US border. This meeting of networks, both northbound and southbound, is facilitated through our winning combination of unique International Fiber Crossings infrastructure and the hosting of a safe, neutral space for networks to connect. We pursue these endeavors to achieve our purpose of “unite networks, countries, and people to empower our customers and communities to thrive”.

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