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22 Aug, 2022 2 minutes

Such as buyers requests multiple quotes in seconds using the Quoting Assistant, the salespeople can also promote their products and services on the platform with a simple and intuitive experience.

We called it Offer Assistant, and it allows users to push targeted promotions of their products and services to the network ecosystem of MDC. Unlike traditional promotional tactics that involve elaborate plans, the MDC Marketplace feature increases the opportunity of generating business through a simple three-step process where you can create, segment, and launch public or private promotions.

Three simple steps: create, segment, and send

Creating an offer is very easy. First, you have to input the title of your offer and a brief description. Later, select the service that you want to promote, the location where the offer applies, and its validity.

Segmenting the offer is the next step, users will be able to choose between a public and a private offer:

  • Public: Any buyer with a Marketplace account will be able to see a public promotion which gives you the opportunity of reaching more people in our ecosystem.
  • Private: Private promotions will only be visible to those companies within the MDC ecosystem that you choose. This is particularly useful for exclusive promotions targeting specific companies.

Submitting the offer is the last step. After confirmation, the platform will trigger an email with the offer to all decision-makers in the companies that you selected.The Offer Assistant is a unique feature that helps our customers generate more business in our carrier-neutral data centers. The Marketplace is a tool designed to reduce time and costs in the lookout for solutions and interconnection opportunities.