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20 May, 2020 2 minutes

The MDC Marketplace offers access to more than 50 key decision-makers in our ecosystem and the newest version brings many improved functionalities designed specifically for sales teams to connect with them more easily. Improved features in this new version, like our notifications, help teams keep track of the opportunities received through the MDC Marketplace.

When you receive a quote request notification you can take advantage of the quick response feature to easily provide a quote to a potential customer. 

You will then receive personalized email notifications, without intermediaries and in real-time with the information about the quote request. With this new version, you will also be able to create and submit complete quotes quickly and easily.

We focused on creating a more intuitive platform that enables buyers to upload the necessary information so that service providers can create and submit a quote in the shortest time possible.

A human touch

Our goal is simple, to enable our clients to grow and succeed and these updates to the MDC Marketplace are designed to help accomplish that goal but it is the human element that continues to make this platform special. 

In a previous post, we highlighted the key benefits the MDC Marketplace offers to your Marketing team and how you can count with free marketing initiatives from MDC to help boost your profile’s visibility and generate new leads while our sales team can assist you by helping evaluate your current opportunities within our ecosystem. Together, we can work on a solid strategy to help you grow your business. 

Meet with key decision-makers

If any of the opportunities generated through the MDC Marketplace needs a little boost to close the deal, our sales team can help facilitate a face-to-face introduction.

Remember that you can make use of all these benefits once you have your profile set in the MDC Marketplace. If you are interested in starting now, send a message to our growth marketing managers, for our international customers contact Rene Hernández at  and for our Mexican customers contact Ana Zapién at .