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12 Dec, 2019 3 minutes

MDC Connect took place once again in Mexico City for the second year in a row. In its inaugural year, the event gathered more than 30 of the leading telecom companies from Mexico and international content providers like Amazon and Cloudflare. The 2019 edition exceeded expectations and brought in a full house to celebrate and experience an Actively Neutral™ ecosystem.

MDC announced its commitment to creating an Actively Neutral™ ecosystem at last year’s MDC Connect which has influenced the 2019 edition in three key aspects:

The introduction of MDC Ambassadors

MDC Connect 2019 introduced MDC Ambassadors with the intention of assisting its guests by providing helpful travel information, translation support at the event,  and coordinating business meetings between national and international guests.

A Diverse ecosystem 

MDC Connect is designed to be an open space that promotes interconnection freedom and with the goal to bring together the most important carriers, cloud and content providers in the industry, and those that are new to the market. Among those attending the event were companies such as Telefónica, Centurylink, Telxius, Altan, Axtel, Sparkle, Totalplay, C3ntro, PCCW Global, Kio, Verizon, and many others.

Download the list of attendees

MDC Marketplace 2.0

After delivering a great presentation over MDC’s Actively Neutral™ philosophy, Juan Salazar, CEO of MDC, welcomed the director of marketing & product of MDC, Joel Pacheco, to the floor to introduce some of the new features coming to the MDC Marketplace as well as to showcase a series of unique initiatives MDC’s marketing department engages on to develop real business opportunities for members of its ecosystem through this digital platform.

During the presentation, MDC shared further information about the Marketplace which has now generated more than 30 opportunities for operators in the past 6 months. These opportunities amount to Terabits of Transport and IP Transit capacity. 

  • More than 30 opportunities
  • More than 1,000 Gbps in IP Transit y Transport services
  • More than 50 decision-makers in one place
  • More than 20 profiles that include Mexican and international companies and CDN’s

The MDC product team further developed the Marketplace throughout 2019 to improve the overall user experience and minimize friction with the tool and accelerate the buying and selling cycles to help its customers grow more efficiently. These improvements include:

  • A quotes assistant to help with requests from multiple operators at the same time
  • Smart notifications in real-time to help sellers to respond faster
  • Simplified and highly secure access to the MDC ecosystem

Joel Pacheco closed the announcement thanking all of those who took part in this improvement and assured that the new edition of the platform will be ready for its launch in Q2 2020. MDC Connect 2019 assistants will receive exclusive first access to the new Marketplace. 

MDC Connect is here to stay and will continue as an annual event that brings together the telecom community and serves as a benchmark in the industry. Visit the image gallery to relive some of the best moments of the event.