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Alberto Caraballo

17 Jan, 2024 3 minutes

McAllen, TX – Jan 18, 2024MDC Data Centers, the leading provider of carrier-neutral colocation services along the U.S. border, is excited to announce the addition of two new International Fiber Crossings (IFCs) in Eagle Pass, Texas, and Nogales, Arizona. The addition of two new International Fiber Crossings to MDC Data Centers’ existing seven brings the total to nine. This expansion is a significant stride in their ongoing efforts to enhance the BorderConnect Platform™. It underscores their dedication to delivering high-quality services and enriching the ecosystem at each location.

Eagle Pass: Bridging Borders in Telecommunications

In Eagle Pass, known as “La Puerta de México”, the new IFC represents a groundbreaking step in international connectivity. This project, developed in collaboration with local and regional authorities, features strands, Type G.652D, and is 100% underground.

Eagle Pass establishes itself as a pivotal interconnection point on the US-Mexico border by enabling a third diverse route from Dallas to Querétaro. This additional route, pioneered by MDC Eagle Pass, not only enhances connectivity but also introduces essential redundancy to the existing pathways through McAllen and Laredo. Such development is crucial in fortifying network infrastructure against disruptions, thereby ensuring more stable and reliable communication channels. Eagle Pass is poised to become a significant hub in the telecommunications field, reinforcing its emerging status as a neutral hub for data center connectivity.

Nogales: Enhancing Redundancy and Reliability

In Nogales, the new International Fiber Crossing (IFC) adds significant redundancy to the existing infrastructure, ensuring greater reliability and uninterrupted service. Its main characteristics include numerous strands of Type G.652D fiber, all of which are 100% underground.

Nogales is rapidly becoming a key hub in the data center market, strategically positioned just 180 miles from the booming Phoenix market. This proximity positions Nogales to support and capitalize on the growth in telecommunications infrastructure, especially in enhancing connectivity to Tucson and the Gulf of California. With a significant 72.62% internet penetration rate in the Gulf region, MDC Nogale is not just vital for meeting the increasing demand for data center connectivity along the U.S.-Mexico border but also pivotal in the regional digital economy.

Speaking about the project, Ivan Eng, Strategic Planning Director at MDC, remarked, ‘These advancements in Eagle Pass and Nogales are pivotal for MDC Data Centers. They are not just infrastructural enhancements; they symbolize our dedication to being at the forefront of the telecommunications industry, pushing the boundaries of what is possible in cross-border connectivity.’

With the latest enhancements in Eagle Pass and Nogales, MDC Data Centers continues to lead the way in providing secure and state-of-the-art connectivity solutions. Our commitment to strategically located border points strengthens our vision of creating connections that empower people and communities to thrive.

About MDC Data Centers

MDC Data Centers offers the ideal solution for networks seeking efficient and effective connectivity throughout Mexico. Our approach is based on centralizing the core points-of-presence for Mexican and North American networks in our neutral spaces located along the US border. This convergence of northbound and southbound networks creates a dense network ecosystem on the border, which is further strengthened by our unique International Fiber Crossings infrastructure and secure, neutral hosting environment for network connections. Together, these components form our BorderConnect Platform™, which aims to facilitate connections that empower customers and communities by uniting networks, countries, and people.

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