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Alberto Caraballo

13 Sep, 2023 3 minutes

McAllen, TX, September 14th, 2023 – IENTC, a consolidated Mexican telecom company with over 10 years of experience in the Bajío region, is gearing up to reinforce its infrastructure with MDC Data Centers in Eagle Pass. The primary goal of this partnership is to provide an optimized service for its growing market, including the anticipated launch in Saltillo.

With IENTC’s upcoming expansion to Saltillo, near Piedras Negras, the need for solid and secure infrastructure is paramount. The prospect of joining MDC Data Center in Eagle Pass, which has already garnered the interest of significant network operators from both Mexico and the U.S., represents a valuable opportunity for IENTC.

By leveraging MDC’s BorderConnect Platform™, which centralizes key presence points for Mexican and American networks along the border, IENTC aims to elevate its value proposition. This translates into enhanced connectivity for the enterprise segment, backed by reliable connectivity routes. An additional route connecting Dallas with Querétaro, going through Piedras Negras and Saltillo, aligns with IENTC’s strategic vision.

“Digital transformation is a cornerstone at IENTC. The opportunity to collaborate with MDC in Eagle Pass aligns with our mission to be flexible, customer-centric, and efficient in all our operations,” states Carlos Arguimabu, CEO of IENTC.


IENTC is a robust network operator and telecommunications service provider that is rapidly expanding from the Bajío region to the center and north of Mexican territory. Leveraging a state-of-the-art fiber network, we cater to both wholesale and retail customers, offering a comprehensive range of telecom services across all markets in Mexico. With a vision of national expansion in the coming years, we are steadfastly focused on delivering an outstanding customer experience.

About MDC Data Centers

MDC Data Centers offers the ideal solution for networks seeking efficient and effective connectivity throughout Mexico. Our approach is based on centralizing the core points-of-presence for Mexican and North American networks in our neutral spaces located along the US border. This convergence of northbound and southbound networks creates a dense network ecosystem on the border, which is further strengthened by our unique International Fiber Crossings infrastructure and secure, neutral hosting environment for network connections. Together, these components form our BorderConnect Platform™, which aims to facilitate connections that empower customers and communities by uniting networks, countries, and people.

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