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5 Jun, 2020 3 minutes

The telecom industry is well known for its careful planning but even these companies need an extended team to help they need support whether it’s before, during, or after the start of a service, when emergencies happen, or during any unplanned activities. According to Gartner, the average cost of service interruption is $ 5,600 per minute, not having an on-site or third-party support team not only poses a significant risk but also a financial loss. 

Most of the international network operators usually send engineers from their headquarters from cities like San Antonio, Dallas, or Los Angeles. This is both times consuming and can be expensive. In the case of some of our carriers in Mexico, work permits, visas, and other procedures make it difficult to have permanent technicians present at the border.

Here at MDC, we are here ready to assist when you need to make a small change and cannot wait for your technician or the warranty times won’t do, we can get the job done.

Our data center, MDC Laredo offers On-site support for carriers and network operators, as do the rest of our locations. A model designed to meet the diverse needs of our clients, and enable them with coverage in border cities where few have a presence. We are there when you can’t be.

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We designed an On-Site Support service with a new and convenient offer that includes hourly packages available on-demand, prepaid, or by subscription.

We have a team of qualified and experienced engineers with years of experience in the industry. Don’t worry about spending additional time, money, and other resources to bring someone to your PoP on the border, we are here as your extended team.

Smart Hands services available at our data center in Laredo:

  • Equipment installation or replacement
  • Extraction or installation of interfaces, cards, or optical modules
  • Hot swaps in advanced migration circuits (Hot Cut)
  • Advanced maintenance windows
  • Advanced circuit testing (OTDR)

Remote Hands services available at our data center in Laredo:

  • Visual verifications
  • Verification of the integrity of the cables in the installed equipment
  • Fiber and connector cleaning
  • Energy status check
  • Power cycling (reboot & reset)
  • Standby assistance
  • Photographic documentation of the space or equipment
  • Inventory audit and labeling
  • Shipping and receiving activities
  • On-Site tool or equipment storage
  • Discarding boxes or items
  • Basic cleaning of equipment or spaces

Schedule a call with one of our Customer Success Advocates to learn more about how companies like C3ntro and Axtel have made the most from our different support services. 

Are you interested in pricing information on our On-Site support? Download the brochure and to see more information about our packages.