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Alberto Caraballo

2 Mar, 2022 2 minutes

At MDC, we continually promote collaboration in the industry as we believe in the benefits of creating an equitable space that reinforces progress together with our clients. Therefore, we stimulate an essential factor: neutrality, creating a concept that defines our way of being and doing things, Actively Neutral™.

As part of Actively Neutral™, we have developed a program to help you speed up your goals more efficiently. Joining forces with you to build a better network together.

We are proud to announce the launch of the Katalyst Program as the first in a series of initiatives to accelerate your growth on the border and expand your opportunities.

Three reasons to be part of the program

  1. Zero cost: you can be part of the program as many times as you need, totally free. The only investment you require is your time.
  2. Growth plans: you will receive a growth plan tailored to your needs and the goals you want to achieve during the program.
  3. Market insights: we will share with you our findings of the market and industry to give you better visibility in decision-making.

We create a workspace where the teams from both parties come together to go through the four main phases of the program and thus discover new opportunities to accelerate the reactions of your business.

The Katalyst Program is a unique and differentiating feature we have designed at MDC for our most valuable asset, our customers.


A new way to advocate for your business on the border

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