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1 Jun, 2020 4 minutes

Internet use in Mexico has increased consistently and it is estimated that the number of Internet users will increase to 91.6 million by 2021. This trend has caused a growing need for IP transit and transportation in strategic markets on the border, like Laredo, and has encouraged interest among international providers to invest more actively in their fiber network to provide Mexican operators with the advantage of multiple connections at a lower cost.

However, until recently, Laredo was an area without carrier-neutral colocation options, which has limited carriers to a single connection solution and having to do without the benefits of neutrality like improved redundancy and access to multiple operators. The arrival of MDC to Laredo, as a 100% carrier-neutral data center, has diversified the market and brought new players to Laredo that may catch the further interest from other carriers. 

MDC neutral data center in Laredo was completely designed for network operators. In addition to the technical benefits, MDC Laredo offers a redundancy option for those with a presence at MDC McAllen. Just 144 miles south of Laredo is the MDC McAllen, where you can find the highest density of Mexican carriers that interconnect with Tier-1 networks as well as content and cloud providers. Due to its strategic location on the border and its proximity to McAllen and Monterrey, MDC Laredo is a gateway for carriers. 

Monterrey is the capital and most populous city in the state of Nuevo León, in the northern region of the country, with a population of 4.1 million inhabitants, it is the third-most populous metropolitan area in the country after Mexico City and Guadalajara. 

Here at MDC, we have named this area the Monterrey Triangle. Carriers that have a presence in Monterrey, and in either McAllen or Laredo, can interconnect to form a redundant route in the shape of a triangle. 

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This triangle is key to strengthening the redundancy for operators on the border. Recent fiber cuts on the route to Dallas have increased the need for alternative routes through Laredo and McAllen; This binode that you can be established with MDC in these cities is an effective option to increase the reliability of your network.

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The Monterrey Triangle proposal is strengthened by the new direct route between MDC Laredo and MDC McAllen provided by LOGIX Fiber Networks which is in addition to existing routes provided by Marcatel and Bestel, among others. 

MDC Laredo has even more benefits for carriers:

Path diversity

MDC Laredo counts with two entrances, the northern entrance where carriers from Dallas or San Antonio can connect, and the southern access where carriers already in Laredo and Nuevo Laredo can connect. 

Carrier-neutral link between Laredo, TX and Nuevo Laredo, MX

Our link runs from Laredo in Texas to Nuevo Laredo across the border in Mexico through the border bridge number two. There are currently four adjoining bridges and MDC has plans to build a second bridge. 

Engineers on-site ready to provide support

We are the last line of defense in case something goes wrong and with our Remote hands or Smart hands services, you can enjoy peace of mind. If something goes wrong, or you’re pressed on time, our engineers in Laredo can assist with a range of issues and resolve them promptly. We have coverage on border cities that few others can match.

Operators in both the Mexican and international markets have seen how improved connectivity on the border is an effective way to strengthen their existing infrastructure. If you’re interested in learning more about the opportunity that exists between a McAllen-Laredo link

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