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4 Jun, 2020 3 minutes

In Mexico there are over 80.6 million Internet users with a growing demand for data consumption. Now more than ever, it is important for ISPs, content providers, and Tier-1 networks to consider establishing a presence on the border to take advantage of the growing opportunities that exist in the Mexican market.

Border cities like Laredo are a gateway to Mexico, however they have historically lacked a neutral provider and have been regarded as a secondary market, but with more and more Mexican carriers establishing a presence in Laredo that perception has changed. These carriers have proven the strategic location of this city that enables them to reach large markets such as Dallas much more easily and with a redundant route to McAllen to be valuable.

MDC Laredo is the only carrier-neutral and purpose-built data center in Laredo, check out these three key benefits for carriers and network operators:

The Monterrey Triangle

MDC Laredo has emerged as an attractive redundant binode for Mexican carriers and international ISPs. Just 144 miles south of Laredo is MDC McAllen, where the largest concentration of Mexican carriers is found and where they interconnect with Tier-1s, content, and cloud providers. MDC McAllen also is home to the MEX-IX, the only internet exchange platform in the U.S. focused on enabling peering with Mexico.

Laredo is the perfect option to create a redundant route, at MDC we have dubbed it the Monterrey Triangle. Carriers that have a presence in Monterrey and either McAllen or Laredo, can interconnect to form a redundant triangle.

The Monterrey Triangle proposal is strengthened by the new direct route for operators between MDC Laredo and MDC McAllen provided by LOGIX Fiber Networks, which joins the Marcatel routes, and Tier-1 networks such as Fiberlight, Windstream and Telia, who they also have the route that complements the triangle.

A carrier-neutral data center

MDC Laredo is an Actively Neutral ™ data center for carriers. Unlike traditional neutral data centers, at MDC we take the initiative to promote network operator connectivity with the right ISPs at the right time.

Both at MDC Laredo, as in the rest of our data centers, we have decided to take a proactive role with our clients, creating spaces and tools that facilitate their search for the best options within the MDC ecosystem. Neutrality must become proactive in favor of better business opportunities for everyone.

MDC can facilitate your work through various initiatives with our marketing, sales and operations teams. Part of our added value is helping to create specific business cases and showing you which operators it makes sense to create a best match with.

Designed and built with carriers in mind

MDC Laredo was designed and built for the needs of carriers and network operators, with further growth capacity and space for antennas. MDC Laredo provides hours of backup power, both in UPS backup time and in the power plant, and an N + 1 HVAC system.

Power and cooling:

  • Electrical Capacity – 5kW/Rack 
  • Battery Life – 1 hour AC / 4.4 hours DC 
  • Utility Voltage – 480V / 208V 
  • Standby Power – 1000kW 
  • Standby Generators – Diesel Generator 
  • HVAC – N+1

Learn more about the value MDC Laredo offers to carriers. Due to its proximity to Mexico, MDC Laredo serves this emerging market by allowing operators to connect neutrally and create a binode with McAllen. 

We invite you to schedule a call with our team, and we can help you create a business case for MDC Laredo, and show you the opportunities you could be earning.

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