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Esmeralda Ruiz

21 Sep, 2022 2 minutes

The new activity center is now part of MDC Marketplace platform. This dedicated dashboard acts as a powerful visualization tool displaying data- driven insights, and recent updates so you accelerate your decision making process.

The new activity center will allow you to:

  1. Consolidate all information for a project in one point of access.
  2. Focus on what matters by visualizing pending quotes.
  3. Visualize data-driven insights to easily compare quotes.
  4. Compare multiple quotes at the same time to choose the best fit.
  5. Evaluate each quote to negotiate a better deal.
  6. Get feedback on how the buyer perceived their proposal.

Let’s hear it from the professionals in the field. Carlos Mariosa is the Director of Global Accounts at MDC, he shares how the marketplace became its favorite tool  to complete his projects faster.

How often do you use the marketplace platform?

I use the Marketplace as often as needed. At times, I use it in a reactive way to help our customers and prospects to place requests or special offers on their behalf. By doing that, customers place one single request that reaches out to many vendors/buyers, and can manage in one site all the proposals. Other times I log in proactively, when I am looking for a snapshot of the active requests in general, in order to assess activity per site.

How has MDC Marketplace made your job easier?

The Marketplace is extremely useful when it comes to helping customers to build a business case for certain services at certain sites. 

In a very easy way one can get an idea of the demand for the last lets say 12 months and therefore make a strong case for co-locating at a given site. 

I see the new Activity Center as a powerful dashboard where I have all the relevant information at my fingertips

Carlos Mariosa – Director of Global Accounts
Activity Center on the MDC Marketplace

What is the most important benefit you get from the new activity center?

I see the new Activity Center as a powerful dashboard where I have all the relevant information at my fingertips. With this new feature, I can easily access the key areas of the platform; review the status of my offers and requests, plus have relevant information with just a few clicks.